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Short Presentations on all things Public Lighting Related

A number of short video presentations from the organisers of the 2018 Australian Smart Lighting Summit are well worth a look.  Just click here.

JULY 2018

Smart Lighting Summit 2018

Running for the sixth year in a row, the 2018 Australian Smart Lighting Summit will bring participants the latest news on urban, street, public and outdoor lighting from across the industry. Annually attracting over 150 delegates, this year’s summit will provide over 35 Australian and international-based speakers the platform to present on and discuss the technological innovations, long-term sustainability and implementation surrounding exterior lighting.

This year’s summit, being held on the 11th & 12th September at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, has been tailored to reflect an all-inclusive range of topics prevalent to public lighting; including but not limited to, human centric lighting, funding opportunities, connected lighting, smart pole technology, sustainability and street light replacements.


JUNE  2018

New Vendor Panel – Major Road Lighting

A new vendor panel has been appointed for the for provision of Energy Efficient Street Lighting Hardware for Major Roads and Installation Services.  To access the pricing table please refer to Vendor Panel or contact Alison Hawkins from the MAV for more information.

MAV Board endorses MAV auspice of PLG

1 Jun – The MAV Board endorsed the recommendation to enter into discussions with the PLG in relation to secretariat services.


MAY  2018

MAV Tender Opens – PLG on Evaluation Panel

17 May – MAV Tender opens – MAV Procurement  are running a tender for provision of Energy Efficient Street Lighting Hardware for Major Roads and Installation Services with a close date of  7 June 2018. It is anticipated Tender Evaluation will be completed by 13th June 2018.  The Public Light Group will be represented on the Evaluation Panel.

MAV to Auspice the PLG ?

11 May – At a Special Meeting of the PLG via teleconference the Working Group,  presented their findings and recommendation.  A formal vote unanimously accepted the recommendation.  As a result the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) has been approached to provide the necessary secretariat services including the appointment of a part time Executive Officer for 14 hours per week.  The MAV Board will consider this item at their June 2018 meeting.


APRIL 2018

Auspice of PLG ?

Discussions have commenced with the two organisations under consideration – Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) and Moreland Energy Foundation Limited (MEFL).  Key selection criteria have been developed by the Working Group and have helped shaped conversations.


MARCH 2018

New Working Group – PLG Auspice

23 Mar – At the PLG Member’s teleconference it was decided to form a Working Group to consider and evaluate the two organisations who have shown interest in taking up the auspice of the PLG.  It is anticipated that the Working Group will meet in April 2018 and form a recommendation to present to the membership shortly thereafter.

New Tariff Proposed – Small Loads

16 Mar -Late last year, the Federal Government Department of Environment and Energy (DEE) and IPWEA, conducted a series of stakeholder consultation workshops throughout Australia, as requested by COAG’s Energy Council’s Equipment Energy Efficiency Program.  The paper – Proposal for a new ‘Small Load’ Metering Regulatory Framework for street lighting – is one of the outputs from this process. The Street Lighting Working Group secretariat sought responses by Friday 16th March 2018.  In essence, the paper proposes a small load meter that would enable the affordable measurement of electricity consumption of small load devices eg street lights, main road lights etc.  The PLG response can be found here.

And for a summary of responses, please click here.



PLG Executive Officer

5 Feb – The Public Lighting Group is planning to appoint a part-time Executive Officer this financial year to progress the Future Directions Plan over the next 5 years.



Auspice of PLG

8 Jan – Exploratory discussions have commenced with two organisations with regards to the auspice of the PLG.