On July 1st, 2016 the Street Lighting Group formally renamed itself to the Public Lighting Group.  With this name change comes an intention to ensure the Group has a new, outward looking direction that will collaborate with other players in the public lighting sector to achieve positive outcomes for councils.

The new name also recognizes the expansion of the groups focus from street lighting to cover all aspects of public lighting.

Currently we are inviting Victorian Councils to contribute to shaping the future directions of the Public Lighting Group.  Learn how to get involved by checking out  Have Your Say – Future Directions.

Briefly, the Public Lighting Group (PLG) aims to support member Councils in the strategic asset management and operation of all public lighting assets within their municipalities, whether shared cost, vested or Council owned.

In particular, the Public Lighting Group aims to:

  • deliver regional public lighting projects that eliminate duplication and capture economies of scale
  • undertake targeted advocacy on behalf of members and the sector
  • engage with stakeholders in a coordinated and collaborative manner
  • build the capability and capacity of members through knowledge sharing and professional development

Since 2002, under the banner of the Street Light Group, substantial operating savings have been achieved on behalf of Victorian Councils and their communities.

Going forward, the Public Lighting Group has developed a new Governance Framework to reflect it’s renewed purpose and goals.