Since 2002, a number of metropolitan and rural Councils have participated in the Victorian local government network formerly known as the Street Light Group and now renamed the Public Lighting Group, as of the 1st July 2016.

Historically, the main focus of the Group had been activities associated with street lighting assets and electricity distributors such as:

  • submissions to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) in response to their regulatory processes
  • advocating on behalf of local government for improved service and pricing
  • providing forward budget estimates for street lighting to member Councils

Substantial OPEX Savings achieved

Much of the Group’s advocacy work focused on capturing savings associated with Operations, Maintenance and Replacement (OMR) fees  related to residential street lights.  Savings generated through advocacy on the 2004 Electricity Distribution Price Review (EDPR) include:

  • $14 million p.a. savings versus Essential Services Commission’s (ESC) initial cost model charges
  • approximately $2 million p.a. savings versus the distributors’ proposed 2004-2009 public lighting operation, maintenance and replacement (OMR) charges
  • approximately $1 million p.a. (approx. 8%) savings versus the ESC’s Draft Decision
  • refund of approximately $880,000 of OMR overcharges to United Energy Councils

Other actions have included:

  • ACCC submission regarding metering and charges
  • formal submissions to EDPR 2006-10, EDPR 2011-15 and EDPR 2016-2020 addressing numerous issues relating to public lighting
  • participation in 2008 OMR charges price enquiry for Energy Efficient Lights
  • submissions to the Public Lighting Code (numerous issues)