As a group of Victorian councils, with urban and rural members working together to deliver better public lighting for our communities, we are keen to include the voices of fellow council officers as we plan the Future Directions of the Public Lighting Group.

As part of the stakeholder consultation process, the PLG Survey #1 was distributed across local government in Victoria.  The survey is still ‘live’ and we encourage you to complete it as it offers an insight into the PLG and its future directions.   A summary of the survey results is provided in the section below.

Public Lighting Group – Survey #1


Findings from Survey #1 – what do Councils think ?

4 November 2016 – The responses to the Public Lighting Group’s Survey  #1 are now summarised in a report.

If you wish to review the PLG Survey #1 Report please click here.

Briefly, some key findings –

To PLG or not?

  • 85 % of respondents believe there is a need for a local government network with a focus on public lighting such as the Public Lighting Group


  • 93%  of respondents believe it would be good to raise awareness of key public lighting issues within Council and local government and
  • 100% of respondents believe a successful PLG will improve the ability of the Australian Energy Regulator to hear and respond to the needs of local government

Collaboration on strategic projects?

  • 93%  of respondents believe the PLG could deliver strategic projects through collaboration across Member Councils thereby increasing productivity, improving outcomes, reducing project costs and ultimately reducing operating expenditures

Attracting Project Funding

  • 100% of respondents believe that the PLG could play a useful role in attracting funding to implement projects

Future Projects?

The Table below summarises the responses to Question 12 of Survey #1, where respondents were asked to rate the four projects below as potential future projects to be undertaken by the PLG.  The last column indicates the % support and indicates the next step for each particular project.

Project Preferences from Survey #1