The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council has formally established the Street Lighting Working Group, under the Equipment Energy Efficiency Program Committee. The group consists of Commonwealth, state government policy and state government main road officials. The group has a mandate to investigate the identified regulatory barriers in the IPWEA Street Lighting and Smart Controls (SLSC) Roadmap and recommend any reforms to COAG by the end of 2017, to support the installation of efficient and effective street lighting technology.

Workshops are being held in each state to consult with stakeholders on the identified regulatory and other barriers, for the purpose of identifying potential reform activities (voluntary or regulatory) to assist in the transition to more energy efficient street lights in Australia.

Energy Networks Australia (ENA) and members, in addition to supporting the state-based workshops, have established an ENA Street Lighting working group to consider matters raised in the SLSC Roadmap. The Department of the Environment and Energy and ENA have agreed to collaborate across the two working groups to maximise positive outcomes.

A representative from the IPWEA SLSC team will attend all national workshops and provide technical support to the Department.